Sunday, August 14, 2011

Update Sunday night

Tonight at church, Dale's dad Chad Ostrander spoke to the congregation at Bethel Baptist Church.

"It's not about Dale, it's not about our family, it's all about God. We've been privileged, fortunate to see a miracle this week."

He spoke of three verses they leaned on this week.
Jeremiah 33:3, Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.
"We didn't know what the 'great and mighty things' were, but we knew God was going to show us something. We didn't know if Dale being back to normal and healthy was in his plans, but we were going to trust him."
The other verses were Romans 8:28, And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose, and Isaiah 55:8, For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.

Brother Ostrander said, "We didn't understand, we just accepted. I knelt by his bed and put Dale on the altar, like Abraham. I told God, 'You offered your son, you know how it feels. Thank you for letting us say goodbye.' We tried to let the girls know that he wasn't coming back. That night, the doctor knelt down right by Dale's ear and said, 'Dale, open your eyes!' and his eyes opened! We thought, 'Wow, there's hope!"

Today Dale got up and walked down the hall with help from the physical therapist.
The seizure that happened last night may have just been his brain "catching up" to some of the sensations of pain.

In Chad Ostrander's words: "God has shown us a miracle."


  1. I have been drawn to your story Dale and will be praying for you every day for the foreseeable future. I have the privilege of having a son your age and would do nothing less than pray without ceasing for him. I have asked God "what are you doing with him?" concerning you. For all intent and purposes you ought to have been lost in that great sea but God plucked you out of the ocean! That's amazing little man! My son was baptized last night. I was with him as he went under the water, symbolically going under and dying with Christ only to come out of it symbolically risen from the grave. How amazingly pertinent is that imagery with regards to what has happened to you. Get well little dude and shine!

    Jim from Columbus Ohio

  2. Bro. Ostrander, I am so very pleased to see how you and Bethel Baptist Church continue to put God above all things. I was very touched to read your words and can appreciate how it must have felt to be so close to loosing your son. About three years ago we almost lost Eric to a rip tide. I stood chest deep in the waves calling Eric's name and calling on God for a miracle. Then suddenly, Eric appeared. I was terrified and then grateful that God had spared my soon. Love you and your family, my brother. My family has been in constant prayer and will continue to lift Dale up to the Lord. God must have great plans for your son. And it is wonderful how so many have either come to the Lord for the first time or just renewed the faith.

  3. I will keep your son as well as your family in my prayers. I have been truly touched by your trust in God.

  4. What an incredibly powerful tool prayer can be. When I see miracles happen like what happened to Dale, I am overjoyed at the strength and mercy of our Lord. But I am also in awe at the power of all the combined prayers from all the people across this land who have prayed for Dale since his experience. I will continue to hold Dale and his family up to the Lord in prayer, his plans for Dale on this earth aren't done by a long shot.

  5. May God Bless you and your Family! I myself have had a miracle performed before my eyes and in my family with my son. He was 3 weeks old and was hospitalized because of a heart condition called SVT. We were unaware of the condition but we could see something wasn’t right with him because he had stopped eating and had slept the whole day. We rushed him to the hospital that night to find out that his heart rate was up to 300 beats per min and his heart was enlarged from where it had be so fast for so long. He had to have electric cardioversion done to get his heart to beating back to normal, because the medicine was not slowing it down. To make a long story short and to glorify God, after the cardioversion he was place on lifesupport and transfer to another hospital. He was placed in ICU and monitored closely for the next couple of days. The doctors and nurses explained the condition and explained that it was just a waiting game. Well thanks to God his heart went back to normal size within 1 day and they began him on preventive medicines. The nurses told us we would be seeing a lot of them because of his condition he would be in and out of the ICU unit, and as of today thanks to the healing power of GOD he has not been place back in ICU for treatment and October 6 will be one year. Our God is great and I give him all the Glory and praise for healing my son, and he is the same God that is going to heal yours.