Monday, August 8, 2011

Update: Aug 8th 12:50PM

A note from Denise Minge
My husband Tim and I spent Sunday with the Ostranders. Their family is sweet and constant. Brother Ostrander has such a practical attitude about the good and bad news he’s heard from the doctors and nurses. Mrs. Ostrander and he both have been near Dale almost constantly, encouraging him, talking to him, and expressing their love. They have been “cautiously optimistic,” taking bad news in stride but not without tears. I heard from both of them that they know God is in control and they want His will. They are on an emotional roller coaster, as Kirsten put it, but still they are peaceful, not hysterical. The family shared some humor with us as they tried to get responses from Dale. Katie, Dale’s 14 year old sister, has been right by his side the whole time, rarely leaving, just watching the monitors and holding his hand and talking to him. Amanda, 16, has also been close and has helped her parents take care of the younger two sisters, Ashley, 10, and Emily, 5. Ashley and Emily probably split their time between being with their brother and playing in the waiting room. They both brought him some presents today that they picked out at the store and have made signs and posters to decorate his room. Jessica and Sarah Waugh have been a huge blessing by staying at the hospital with the Ostranders. Sarah has stayed with the two younger girls and entertained, fed and watched them. Jessica is helping wherever needed, by doing laundry, making sure mom and dad are eating and resting enough, and just being there, listening, being an advocate for them. 
The whole family is so grateful for your prayers and love and offers of help. Kirsten and Chad feel the love of other parents aching, crying, and praying for them in the hurt they are experiencing right now. Philippians 4:7 : “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” We pray for all who have been waiting and watching and listening to have some rest and peace.

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