Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Testimony from Chad Ostrander

Testimony from Chad Ostrander 8/14 at Bethel Baptist Church, Spanaway, WA.


  1. Amazing testimony..regardless of the outcome, you are "preaching" about our Sovereign God. Bless you. I will share this message with the parents of a 16 year old boy who just broke his neck.

  2. Thank you. Deeply moving testimony. I admire your families powerful faithfulness. Your family's trust in God during such a difficult time might be nearly as rare as the miracle of Dale's survival.
    Truly, thank you.
    Jim from Columbus

  3. Thank you for your continued dedication and hard work in keeping the world up to date on Dale’s progress and the miracle God has provided for us all. You are truly making a difference in people’s lives. As a mother of 2 this story immediately touched my spirit and took roots. Your unwavering faith is empowering to me as I am sure it is to everyone. The bond you have within your church family is amazing, but sadly all too rare these days, you are all lucky to be a part of it. As a new Christian I am strengthened to see the undeniable presence that God has on earth. GOD IS TRULY GREAT!! <3 Thank you for letting me and the rest of the world into you lives, if only to listen and share Gods work.
    Shannon in Canada

  4. Thank you for pointing all to Jesus; He is so amazing.
    Still praying,
    Mike and Sharon

  5. I have watched the hand of God at work for 9 years keeping my son with Downs Syndrome alive. He's very medically complicated and has left doctor's scratching their heads for years because of his ability not only survive but to thrive. One day I was weak with exhaustion from the numerous trips and long stays in the hospital and I asked God "Why can't Matt just be at home with us or in heaven with you?" Our Graceful God spoke to my heart and said, "Because I have work for him to do there at the hospital. It is his ministry." After that I never got spiritually weak again. We (God, Matt, our family and our church) touched many souls there in the 7 years he was in and out. For the last 2 years Matt has been home from the "mission field" and we are blessed. I pray he does not go back but I will understand if he does. I tell our 5 other children Matt cannot leave this earth 1 minute sooner or 1 minute later than God wills. It has eased their fears. Dale, your family and your church have gone into the "mission field". I will pray for His mighty hand to sustain you all. Keep preaching. As you can see, the world is watching, waiting and listening. I believe many will be saved because of this miracle.

    God Bless You,
    Tina Barton-California

  6. Chad, it was an incredible testimony. God does some wonderful things, and we can't always fathom them.
    I believe in our Lord and Savior, and miracles do exist. Dale is the proof. I have faith that he will recover and will have an incredible testimony to share with others who have been through trauma. Maybe that is the Lord's plan for him, but regardless, he is proof of God's amazing grace.