Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014---Here we go!!!

Oh, my goodness!  It has been so long since I've posted an update---you probably thought we all packed up and left!  Not so, we're just busy, busy, busy as usual.

The kids and I really relaxed during Christmas break, staying up late and sleeping in each morning.  We all needed the break from school and lessons and homework and (in Katie's case) geometry.  We were all ready to head back to school, but getting up that early in the morning nearly killed us!  UGH!!!  That whole first week back was torture.  Thankfully, my students were pretty good about settling back into their routines.  Since the end of the second semester is upon us (as of today), we had no choice but to dive back into the curriculum and learn the needed material so we would be ready for tests and quizzes.

We changed Dale's schedule slightly.  Instead of constantly walking back and forth between the Learning Center and his other classes, Dale now walks from homeroom to the classroom next door.  He sits in the back and works on PACES for first hour; then he's already in the right classroom for second hour math.  Next, he walks outside to the Learning Center for study hall (third hour) with fourth hour Bible class right next door.  He'll come to the lunchroom for lunch before heading back to the Learning Center for fifth hour study hall, sixth hour history/geography, and seventh hour study hall.  During these study hall periods, Dale works on his English and science PACES.  He will probably set aside the science PACES for now since they aren't necessary until next year and work on his new Northwest History PACE.  Chad is now able to volunteer each week for a short time in the Learning Center to help Dale out (or any other student who needs assistance) or grade papers for the supervising teacher.  What a blessing this will be!  Katie seems to be getting a slight foothold in geometry, which greatly relieves her.  Whenever the teams are gone on away trips, the teacher is able to backtrack and explain again any parts Katie still struggles with; this has helped her tremendously.  She has been assisting me in my classroom during fifth hour, but this next semester she wants to just do study hall since she'll have her geometry teacher as her supervisor there and can ask any questions she may have.  Ashley is doing great and keeping up her grades since she needs them to qualify for sports.  Emily is just a doll!  She reminds me of that commercial for some kind of candy (sour patch kids?) with the slogan "First they're sour; then they're sweet."  Sometimes she's sweet and adorable and sometimes she's a menace!  But we love her dearly all the same.  Amanda is super busy at college, dividing her time between classes and work.  She's learning the hard way that paying your own way means a lot of hard work and not much spending money!  But her attitude seems good and she has a great job.  I believe God will continue to bless her as she seeks His will in all matters.

I have, unfortunately, caught a massive cold.  I felt it coming on last week and stupidly did nothing to help ward it off.  By Friday night, I could tell I was going to get really sick.  I tried taking extra vitamin C then, but the cold caught fast.  I was sick Saturday although I still did buses in the morning; I was out sick all Sunday; I only went to school Monday because I had no sub to call.  (My students were so kind and considerate of me, as well as my fellow teachers!)  Finally, last night, I started to feel as though I'd turned a corner.  Today, I still am sick but feeling better than yesterday.  Hopefully, I will continue to get better each day until I feel well again.  I've done my best not to share this cold with any of my family or students; time will tell just how successful I've been!

Last but not least, Dale turned 15 on January 6th!  He received a new Bible and cover which he got to pick out himself at the Bible bookstore.  Chad and I had decided he needed a second Bible with cover so that he didn't have to keep switching his Bible in and out of his backpack for each service.  (Having a handle on the cover makes the Bible easier for Dale to carry.)  Dale picked out a nice Bible and a camouflage cover.  While we were there, we saw the coolest Bible!  It was called a spill-proof, waterproof Bible.  It had a special material for its cover and even its pages were waterproof.  You could feel how slick they felt.  It was made of some kind of vinyl-type material that wouldn't soak up water.  One of the testimonials stated that the water had slid right off as well as some mud!  Neat, huh?  What a great idea!

Praise the Lord for His continual goodness!  Day in, day out, God's goodness is constant, His grace freely given, and His mercies renewed every morning.  What a powerful and wonderful Lord we serve!

Isaiah 53: 5  "But he was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities:  the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are healed."