Sunday, August 7, 2011

Prayers for Dale

This blog was created for a young man who is in great need of much prayer.  Dale is the the teenage son of the Ostrander family who lives in Washington State.  Below is an abbreviated account of what happened giving us an idea of what to pray for.  In this blog you will find updates on his condition and information on how you can donate through paypal. Thank you for your support and prayers.  Our God is great and a Worker of miracles!
It’s true when they say that life can change forever in the blink of an eye. Yesterday, our church family back home in Washington was hit with devastating news. One of our teenagers was playing at the beach on a warm sunny day and was pulled into an undertow. He was in the water for 15-20 minutes. When he was found, he was unconscious and not breathing. Emergency personnel performed CPR on him and got a heartbeat and later got him to breathe on his own. He was flown to Portland Children’s Hospital (two hours from home).  Prayers are being said across the globe for this family and their son. I plead you to add The Ostranders to your prayers tonight. Prayer is Powerful!! As of today the Ostrander’s son is in a drug induced coma. The doctors have kept his body temperature down to help with the brain swelling.  Updates will be posted when available. Prayer changes things and we are all praying for a miracle!
If you’d like to donate money to help with their insurance or travel expenses, a paypal account has been set up with direct access for the Ostrander family.
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  1. What a miracle! Our older son is Dale's age. When we heard of this horrible event, we were devastated for the family and distraught ourselves. But God continues to answer prayers, and Dale is LIVING proof of that belief. Keep the faith. Dale's story offers all of us so much HOPE. Peace.

  2. Praise the Lord of Hosts! May his praises continually be in my mouth! This story encouraged me and was just what I needed at this time. I pray that God will continue to bless Dale and his family in the name of Jesus Christ.

  3. God is everywhere we just need to reach to him. Dale, God is with you, and in the name of God you are fine.

  4. Yes, PRAISE THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY....HE IS AN AWESOME GOD. What a wonderful Miracle he gave to Dale and his family and friends.


  5. this story touched me so much...God is truly in the saving business. Im so blessed to be a witness to God's powere, mercy and Grace thru Dale's story. His testimony and the testimony of his family and church family is and will bring souls to Christ. I believe God for Dale's healing and know that it is already done!
    Blessings to you all...

  6. God is definitely still in the business of working miracles. I live in southern California but I got notification of Dale's situation from a friend in Kentucky via facebook. Funny thing is this is a women I went to school with in Massachusetts over 30 years ago. We go connected by face-book 2 months ago. Talk about a prayer chain! God's got more for Dale to do here. I pray for a full recovery. His survival alone could be that catalyst to bring people around the world to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ thanks to today's technology. Thanks to the rescuers and to all who diligently prayed on the beach. I will pass this on to my church here and my family will also continue to pray. James 5:16

  7. Even I am not a Christian believer; I am going to pray for you.
    I truly Hope that in few days you smile will come again to your face…

    G_od is in your life Dale!

    Shalom Adonai!

  8. Hi Dale,

    I'm Patrick - and 18 year old from England!

    I watched a video about your ordeal on Godtube. I'm really pleased that you survived and are making good progress. I will pray that you make a good and full recovery. God really has performed a miracle. Well done to your friends and family for asking for help through prayer.

    I just read your piece 'Something Dale would like you to know'. Its really interesting and fills me with happiness to read it. I kind of knew that the most important thing is to love Jesus and God and heaven will come, but I still wasn't 100% sure if that was enough. Your passages, carefully shows that loving Jesus and God and admitting that I am a sinner, which I am, are the most important things.

    I thank God for saving us and thank you for sharing your thoughts and passages.



  9. Praise the Lord, Alleluia. Lord, we ask that you continue to heal Dale and shower the community with blessings and protection. May they grow stronger in their faith.

  10. Hi Dale,
    It is so exciting to hear about your progress. Please ask mom and dad to keep up their daily reports.
    What a thrill it was to hear that you walked down the hall today. Keep up the great work.
    Please let your readers know if there is anything in additon to our prayers that you would like us to do.
    Best Wishes Shirley Arizona

  11. God Bless keep the faith. Remain in Him and he will remain in you. Run the race to the end. Fight the good fight. We are justified by faith and works and NOT by faith alone! Show me a faith without works and it wil be a dead faith. Stay close to Church, scripture and Godly people who will help you remain faithful to Christ commands for us in order to enter heaven. Unfortunately its not about a one time prayer but a following of Christ. Do not become a branch that bear bad fruit and is cut off and cast into the fire, stay grafted to Christ and trust in Gods mercy and love to send his only begotten (not made)Son to redeem us so we can have the possibility of eternal life with him. Paul says i have done all that I could and now it is up to God alone to judge me worthy of Him. He did not believe in once saved always saved nor did any of the early followers. So pray like it all depends on God and do as if it all depends on you and through the cooperation in His Grace we can attain Heaven! Prayers for you and all your family through this ordeal and it will be to His Glory if you make it so.