Sunday, August 7, 2011

Update Aug 7th

Today Dale had a CT scan to help the doctors view his brain activity. Bro. Ostrander said that the CT scan did not come back with positive results. Dale’s brain is still swollen and he is not responding much at all. Worse case scenario, his brain may swell more and shut down and we would lose him. Second worse case scenario is that he could become a vegetable. The doctors have said that there is still a chance that he could recover, but that it would take a MIRACLE. Good thing that the Ostranders are surrounded by Christ’s loving arms and a church family that believes in prayers and miracles!!!  I know Dale can feel the love and prayers that are being poured down upon him. Please ask your church families to take a moment tonight during your evening services to pray for the Ostrander family. Pray for Dale and pray for a miracle!!!!!
On a final note, Bro. Ostrander recently switched jobs two months back. One of the stipulations of his new job was that insurance benefits would not be available until after the third month. Unfortunately their family is uninsured at this time as they are one month shy of that cut off.  You can only imagine what medical bills are piling up with Dale’s care. We have opened a paypal account in the Ostranders name that donations can be made to and tonight during the evening service at Bethel Baptist Church {Spanaway, Washington} there will be a love offering taken up for the Ostranders to help with Dale’s medical bills and their travel expenses.
PAYPAL ACCOUNT EMAIL: Donations can be sent to
The Ostrander’s are standing firm in their faith. They thank you all for your love, prayers and support!!

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