Monday, August 8, 2011

More ways to help

If you'd like to help to provide a meal for the Ostrander family when they get back home, please contact Denise Minge at I will put together a schedule so that they don't have too much food at once. We will probably use for coordination. Thanks to those who let me know about this site.

Several loving people from our church have volunteered to purchase the Ostrander kids' back-to-school items. If you'd like to help more in this area, you can donate via the paypal button or through the church, or give gift cards for some of their other back-to-school needs.  Another idea mentioned was to buy school lunch cards for the kids to use at school.  This is just another small way to show the family our love.  Call the school office if you wish to help at 253-537-1749.
Our church address:
Bethel Baptist Church
524 E 176th St.
Spanaway, WA 98387


  1. We rented a hotel for Dale's family in the Portland Area. I figured they could use a good night's rest, but they decided to stay at the hospital. I certainly understand. Our people raised money to put them up and I'm so glad they care about a family they did not know. We all have been praying for Dale, and rejoice to hear good news!

  2. Good Morning Ostrander Family,

    I am thousands of miles away over in Fort Washington,MD praying for my brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray in the name of Jesus that Dale will have a 100% recovery and that his healing will be a witness to remind America that God still reigns and is showing his mercies and healing power everyday. I pray in the name of Jesus that your family's needs will be provided and that souls will be saved to those who aren't apart of our family. Love Brenda!

  3. There is a relatively simple technology that could possibly help in Dale's recovery. Recently I watched a series of televison programs on this out of Texas. It's called Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber therapy. Dr. Charles Scott of Odessa, TX and Dr. Frank Setzler of Tyler, TX were the two doctors interviewed. If he were my son I would get Dale into one of these as soon as possible. The Brits use this to get a 93% recovery on their stroke patients. Dr. Setzler can be reached at Integrative Medicine in Tyler at 903-266-1599 or DRFRANK@DRSETZLER.COM

  4. i think this is wonderful that just a few posts ago you were desperately in need of prayer for Dale to just survive and now you have the "problem" of organizing meals when they bring this healthy and whole little boy home from the hospital!!! Praise God for such a "problem" as this!!

  5. A'men Connie. just a week ago I was looking at flights to attend my nephew's funeral. I never stopped praying all weekend. I reached out to my facebook friends and asked them to join me in praying for my nephew and his family. I know God does great things, every day...but this is a miricle we have all been so blessed to witness!! I will continue to pray for Dale's recovery and to ease his discomfort. Love you little Dale!! -aunt dainae and uncle peter.