Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday evening 8/16

Whew!  We have had scorching hot weather for the past week.  Today was predicted to reach 93 degrees (I don't seem to have a degree symbol on my keyboard!); my van thermometer read 94---talk about a "hot box."  We do have air conditioning in the van, but using it tends to drain the gas tank, so we usually just roll the windows down.  Our house is air-conditioned as well, but with temperatures this high consistently, the upstairs gets stifling.  And guess where the computer is........  Anyway, extreme heat like this is fairly unusual for this part of the country.  Indigenous Washingtonians are nearly gasping for relief from the heat, while those of us who are transplants (like me---NC) are complaining because we moved here to get away from weather like this!  Actually, I moved here because my husband moved here, and I thought I should be with him; it seemed the thing to do.  ;-D  I try not to bewail the heat too much because (1) we know it won't last forever and (2) the rainy season---AKA fall, winter, and spring---will be back soon enough.  Soooooo, praise the Lord for heat!  Amanda keeps saying, "Isn't it beautiful today?!" because she has spent all of a week and a half from two Youth Conferences combined in California where (apparently) "the weather is always like this" and is (apparently) much preferable to Washington weather.  To which I say, in the teenage vernacular, "Whatever!"

Going on walks with Dale or even just taking him outside to exercise on the trampoline has taken a great deal of character for us lately.  It's simply paralyzingly hot!  But, Dale benefits from daily exercise---other than exercising his thumbs playing video games---so walk we will.  Today, Dale asked to go on the trampoline, and I agreed.  He just walk outside on his own or maybe holding someone's hand, remember how to climb on the trampoline and get himself up there, follow instructions concerning types of exercises, and then maneuver himself off the trampoline before he walks back inside.  This is quite a lot of work for his body and brain, but I've discovered that the more I help him the more help he needs.  (Mandie is always scolding me about this with Dale's school work!)  I stay close enough to grab him when (not if) necessary, but I let him do all the work.  Today, being close enough to catch him cost me an injury.  *Are you ready to feel sorry for me?*  Dale was about to climb up on the trampoline when his leg buckled.  He started to fall backward, so I jerked forward to grab him and steady him.  My hand, on the way up, connected solidly with the point of his elbow.  Do you know how many nerves you have in the back of your hand?  I am now excruciatingly aware of each one of them.  In all honesty, I have a painful though small swelling on my left hand between but slightly below the thumb and first finger.  I'm sure the minimal swelling will be gone by tomorrow; the tenderness might take a day longer.  Obviously, since I am writing this, I am still able to move my hand and fingers just fine; otherwise, I would be milking this for all it's worth!  Just one more sacrifice for the good of my child (sniff).  LOL!!!

We are gearing up for our second neighborhood yard sale this weekend.  Chad thought it would be a good idea to participate this time and try to get rid of some junk while making a few dollars.  I'm still not convinced the bother will be worth the result, but I'm willing to give it a try.  The kids have been going through their toy boxes, shelves, and drawers to find items that are no longer useful (which accounts for about half their possessions!) to put in the yard sale.  Katie, Ashely, and Emily have enlisted Chad's help to offer bottled water, soda, and perhaps lemonade for a small sum.  Everyone seems to be excited about Saturday except me.  I dread it.  I have been cursed with a pessimistic attitude; if you want to know what may go wrong with any given event, I can list it for you in detail.  Truly, I am not normally a pessimistic person; I am usually quite cheerful, laughing and joking and trying to put a smile on people's faces.  But when it comes to road trips, family outings, major parties, or yard sales, all I can think is "No good will come of this."  Isn't that awful?  So, in order to not be so down-in-the-mouth about Saturday, I have chosen to distance myself from the preparations---and hopefully the proceedings.  In short, I am washing my hands of all responsibility in the matter.  (You know, someone in the Bible used that excuse, didn't they?  Didn't work out too well for him, either.  Maybe I should rethink my position.......)  The weather should be very nice, so we won't get rained out like June's yard sale.  The heat is the reason why Chad and the girls want to sell cold drinks.  Chad said the kids could keep whatever money they make for selling their stuff; he's also hoping we (he and I) will be able to get some cash to put toward our children's curriculum this year.  I think we'll make enough to buy a couple packs of gum.  Oops!  There goes my pessimism again.  :-)  Please pray for our yard sale this Saturday, that everything simply goes well.

Dale is finishing summer school tomorrow.......or maybe Saturday. He has to take an English final tomorrow as well as a math final.  He also has half a science PACE to finish.  He might be able to get most of it done tomorrow but only if he really applies himself.  All in all, this summer has been good for Dale academically, physically, and mentally.  Dale's focus is stronger now; he can keep working on a lesson even though distractions abound.  He will still let his attention wander but responds better when called on it.  His mental processes are a bit faster now, too.  I believe he is ready academically to enter eighth grade; I just don't know if he will be able to keep up with the work load his new classes will require.  Physically, Dale is just about where he was at the beginning of the summer.  I wish he could walk on his own now, but he is still too unsteady and jerky.  Even sitting down, his body will spasm or his leg will jerk up suddenly.  When this happens while walking, down he goes.  So, Dale still needs stand-by assistance to help avoid injury.  But his endurance level is increasing slowly, and you should see him blaze along when he's having a good day!  Mentally, Dale is still working on making connections and processing well, but he's obviously still Dale.  He might talk more slowly now, but his jokes are still just as corny and his silliness just as evident.  Praise the Lord for His goodness!  We prayed for God's will to be done, letting God know our desires:  to have Dale's life spared and to have our son back.  And God has answered those prayers abundantly.  Isn't He wonderful?

Take time today to thank God for His blessing, both small and great, that He showers you with every day.  He desires to hear your praise and will "open the windows of heaven" in response.  God bless you!

Psalm 145: 1 - 2  "I will extol Thee, my God, O King; and I will bless Thy name for ever and ever.  Every day will I bless Thee; and I will praise Thy name for ever and ever."


  1. I have to chuckle about the tag sales Kirsten, I need to have one big time. My problem, is that the room full of items that I need to get rid of consists of my winter stuff from my life in New England, before I moved here to Florida. Anyone on the Gulf Coast in need of winter boots and gloves rated to minus twenty degrees? Lol.

    God has certainly blessed your family, I am happy at one thing that I've noticed about the blog. It seems as though Dale's journey has slowly become just another part of the glorious chaos of everyday family life. It shows how far he has come; a few months back his saga was the central part of this blog. You are so right about God, he is so wonderful. I will always rejoice at Dale's daily successes, hearing about the rest of the family is icing on the cake. As always, you all are in my daily prayers, all my best. Eric

  2. Thanks so much for your posts keeping us all up-to-date on Dale's progress. I've been following along ever since I saw an article shortly after the incident happened.

    We had a a yard sale over last Memorial Day weekend, as did our neighbors across the street. They made $240, we made $18 -- at least we more than covered the cost for the newspaper ad, but it wasn't worth our time. Better luck to you!

  3. Thank you for the updates. As the media may have gone, know that you do have faithful followers that pray with you.