Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday afternoon 8/18

Just a short post this time........

We are nearing the conclusion of our yard sale, and I have mixed feelings about that.  Things haven't been too bad today; when we awakened this morning, the sky was........dreary and overcast.  Can you believe it?  After a week of blistering hot weather (that may be an exaggeration), to have today be gray and cool was downright exasperating.  Oh, well---at least no one collapsed from heat stroke.  Chad set up an open-air tent in our driveway in case the sun decided to make an appearance.  This also lent an air of organization to our yard sale which, hopefully, encouraged buyers to participate.

My husband worked hard this morning getting everything set up and presentable.  Unfortunately, this had the downside of causing him to be especially zealous in finding items to display on the tables under the tent.  We watched in some dismay as favorite video games, kitchen potholders, and even last year's Christmas presents were carried out the door to the front yard.  My girls rescued a few; I protested a couple; but, for the most part, I instructed the children to just let things go.  If they sold, they sold.  If they were still there when the yard sale was over, we would reclaim them.  The girls had a few "Oh, no!" moments when something they were hoping would remain unseen got snatched up and carried off.  Their reactions were mostly on my behalf, since I allowed a couple of Christmas decorations and a new bookshelf to be sold.  I reminded them, "If I really did not want to sell them, I would have taken them back in the house."  I tend to be a pack-rat, holding onto things that I do not have need for right now but am convinced that I will find use for at some future time.  So, today's yard sale was good for me, if only to get me motivated to clean out some junk!

The younger girls, who contributed a lot of stuffed animals and toys, had a good time riding their bikes and running around the front yard for a change.  The older girls were very helpful in carrying stuff downstairs, setting items out, and watching the yard sale by turns.  I did my time took my turn watching over the sale items so that no one could accuse me of not helping out.........and that's the exact reason I did so!  :-P  Amanda and Katie played several games of foosball; I think Mandie won each time.  Chad challenged them to a game or two, beating them soundly.  He boasted, "They'll never win!"  Dale even came outside a couple of times to sit with us and enjoy the overcast sky(!).  And that's the part I will miss---the whole family spending time together, enjoying God's world.  The kids and I laughed our heads off at nonsense things, and Chad was relaxed and happy.  These are the moments I treasure; these are the memories I cherish.  God created a wonderful thing when He put this family together.  So often I forget that, getting bogged down by familial bickering and mundane chores.  Thank You, Lord, for Your insight and wisdom in selecting just who we need to be a part of our family.  And, of course, thank You, Lord, for being the center of this unit.  We love You, most gracious Heavenly Father.

I think we made about $45.00 today, which is a start on paying for the kids' curriculum.  But, more importantly, we made memories that will last a lifetime..........or, in Dale's case, maybe a week!  :-D  He still struggles with his memory sometimes!

Matthew 7: 7  "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you."

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