Thursday, November 3, 2011

Update Thursday afternoon 11/3

Whew!  Wait just a moment while I get my breath!  Are there certain calendar weeks or months for you that you know are going to be completely full and you will be running full-tilt from start to finish?  The end of October through the beginning of January is like that for us.  We have birthdays, holidays, Christian Ladies' Seminar, evangelist meetings, school functions, sports games--you name it.  Plus, my second oldest daughter has been down since Sunday with a migraine.  She was diagnosed back in June as having a migraine (to the tune of a $2,000 ER visit), and she was down for a week and a half then.  We have been dosing her with everything we can think of, including prayer, but nothing seems to be working.  So I have been somewhat busier than normal taking care of everyone, helping Dale, and doctoring Katie.  Plus, this weekend is our aforementioned Christian Ladies' Seminar at church; we host a huge ladies' conference, invite churches from all around to come join us, and have special speakers.  Our theme this year is "Obtain Favour of the Lord"; our preacher's wife has asked me to speak at CLS because, as she put it, "I don't think any family in our church has obtained more favour of the Lord than yours this past year!"  So, I've been busy planning and praying (and worrying) about that as well.  I do thank God for an opportunity to speak to Christian ladies about the wonderful God we all serve.  So often we women get so caught up in our hectic everyday lives built around "living" for God that we forget to walk with God.  That is the key to living a joyful life for Him as opposed to a dutiful life.  So, I'm excited and nervous all at the same time.

I have begun administering (such a big word for simply "doing") the assessment tests with Dale.  As I expected, he is breezing right through the sight word tests; he's halfway through and shows no sign of hesitation.  I've been changing out tests and activities every five minutes or so in an effort to keep his attention from wandering.  Even so, I need to cue Dale or repeat questions often.  I'm using some worksheets that SP gave me as well as Hidden Pictures (which we love and Dale is good at) and other assessment tests.  I tried giving Dale a writing assignment yesterday; he needed to write a few sentences about "My Pet."  He understood the task but couldn't put his thoughts together coherently enough to write them down.  So today I tried writing sentences along that topic, leaving blanks for Dale to fill in.  He did very well on that, filling in "My pet is a dog" and "Her name is Peanut."  The next sentence was "She is a fluffy _________ dog."  I expected him to write "white" or "cute."  First, Dale surprised me by putting a comma after "fluffy" to separate the adjectives---good job!  Then, he wrote the word "deranged" in the blank!  "She is a fluffy, deranged dog."  I said, "Dale!  Deranged?"  At which point, we all cracked up!  Just typical Dale humor.  He has always looked for the ridiculous and silly and thrives on making someone else smile (or groan).

All seemed well---then I pulled out the math test.  I set it down in front of Dale; he took one look at it and I could tell I had lost him.  I read him the instructions for the first question (counting coins) and told him to begin.  He started fidgeting and doodling on the paper.  When I encouraged him to think and focus, he began to melt down.  First came the "NO!"s and then the screaming.  Maybe he was just tired or ready for a real break, but I couldn't believe how upset he was over counting coins.  I told him we would be done after just that one question, but this did not seem to pacify him.  He continued to scream and cry and refused to do the math.  And math is his favorite subject!!!  I tried to help him by pointing to the separate coins and asking him to name each coin and state its value.  He could do it, but he cried the whole time.  I finally had to set the math test aside, work on another activity for a couple of minutes (with him still crying), and then return to the math question at the very end.  We still never got back on that solid "I'm willing to work" footing, but at least we got some work done.  Every little bit helps his brain reconnect damaged wires.

I have a wonderful answer to prayer to share!  We got word today that Dale has been approved for Medicaid.  This will be retroactive, starting on August 1st of this year and continuing through July 31st of next year.  Praise the Lord!!!  This should help a) pay medical bills, b) reimburse us for already-paid medical bills, c) pay future medical bills---are you sensing a theme here?, and d) pay co-pays at Dale's therapy appointments.  This should mean that we can schedule Dale for more therapy than just the one-a-week he's getting now in each area.  Like I said, every bit helps!  We have been praying that God will allow only what He wants us to have concerning financial help, and this is His answer.  Thank You, Lord, for supplying our need.  Yes!

We still have people stop us in the store or wherever and tell us they recognize us from the news and are praying for us.  God has touched alot of people's hearts with Dale's story; He said He can work all things for good, and He certainly is now.  Reader's Digest held a phone interview with us a while back; they will have a story about the miracle God worked in Dale in their Christmas edition which comes out this month.  Every once in a while we are contacted by someone (media, church, etc.), asking if they can use Dale's rescue and recovery story in their publication.  We are very thankful that God has deemed us, not worthy, but able to reflect His glory through this seeming tragedy.  The road ahead is filled with ups and downs, and, frankly, we don't know where God will take us.  But, in all things, through all things, after all things---He is Lord; He is worthy to be praised; and He is ultimately trustworthy.

I Timothy 1:17  "Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honour and glory for ever and ever.  Amen." 


  1. Oh my word! Every which way I look you are recieving Gods treasures!! He is such a wonderful God. He has definatly taken this "tragedy" and turned it into His mircacle!! Praise the Lord for answered prayers!
    I was thinking while reading about Dale and his math that math is naturally frusterating for many people and that maybe because of it being something he had loved only months ago that the mere sight of it is frusterating for him because he feels inadequate or damaged in a place where he had once excelled. I pray that the Lord can bring Dale peace over his school work and assesments so that he can once again excel. Maybe placing the math aside and doing hands on math with him instead of sheet work would be better for him now. Like saying "Dale, my wallet is on the table, can you let me know how much money i have while i make my list for the store". Not only would this hands on approach make him feel useful instead of burdonsome but it would also get his brain working on something it already enjoys. Another way you could help him to help you is by letting him do your budget, tell him you have so much money and it has to pay for all these things, let him help you by figuring out where you can spend, where you cant and what is important, like FOOD. Another thing you may already own with your younger children is either the nintendo DS or even the leapfrog games and if i recall correctly they have math games and the educational ones, at least for DS are cheaper than regular games. He can learn through playing. If you dont have these things a site my children absolutely love is They attend a catholic school and they use this site often during computer time. I sometimes find myself playing the games, lol. This would help Dale with his movement and being able to get his brain and body to work together to play the games. I hope this helps some! Your always in my prayers! BTW, i also suffer from migraines.. i get nauseous and sound and light hurt and i have even hallucinated. If your daughter can keep anything down give her some gravol and then about 20 minutes later give her either her prescription or advil/motrin. Tyelonol seems to exasperate the problems for me. If she cant keep anything down Gravol does come in a dissolvable form which will allow it into her bloodstream without it needing to be digested. The other option is to crush it and swallow it that way but it does taste gross. I once had a migraine so badly that i went to t he regular doctor and was given a prescription for gravol vials to be injected so i could keep the pills down. Gravol has been my life saver when it comes to these things. I am not sure how old your daughter is, but i use birth control to help regulate my hormones so as to prevent migraines from starting. It has been about 99% successful for me and since i dont bellieve in birth control my doctor told me to think of it as migraine prevention, LOL. Anyway, she is in my prayers, i hope you and your husband can come to a conclusion on the birth control thing as i know its a difficult decsion for a parent to make but speak to her dr and see if it could be a feesible option before ruling it out. Hormones wreak havoc on our entire bodies and the balance that the pill offers truly has been miraculous in my life. I regret being hesitant now! Good luck and God bless!

  2. Hi there,

    I don't know you but I heard about Dale's amazing rescue and I've been following your story and praying for you all. :) I live on the other side of the country from you, but we are sisters in Christ. :) I wanted to let you know that your attitude and honesty have been an encouragement to me!

    I also suffer from migraines and I wanted to give you a couple of low-cost tricks that have worked for me. One is to ice your daughter's head. Sounds silly but those neural pathways that are in pain cause inflammation in your brain and then until the inflammation goes down, the pain can't stop, so just a bag of frozen peas or an ice pack on the hurting part of the head can really help. And also, a stiff neck is often a result of a migraine as you tense your shoulders because you are in pain, and then the stiffness causes new pain, so a hot pack on the neck and shoulders and a neck rub from the mama :) could possibly help your daughter. (In my experience, whatever the initial cause of the migraine, it is easy to get into a cycle of pain, and the initial cause can go away but the migraine persist if you don't take care of new causes that crop up.)

    I also have had really good success in taking two vitamins together: magnesium (400 mg/day) and vitamin B2 (also called riboflavin) 400 mg/day. It will probably take a little while to kick in, but it may help after a couple of days or a week, if your poor daughter continues to struggle with this. Let me add that these vitamins were recommended to me by my neurologist, who is considered the best migraine expert in the state, so the traditional medical community recommends this. :) (I really hope your daughter gets better sooner than this! But if she is prone to migraines then taking these supplements daily can help cut down on them.) I had a migraine for almost a year after the birth of my son, and these vitamins were the first thing that put a dent in them. (I also take a very expensive :( form of ibuprofin called Frova when I feel a migraine coming on, but that would take a trip to the doctor and more expense, so I hope these home remedies might help her!)

    I hope Dale continues to recover and that God grants you extra measures of patience and faith in Him in these hard times. And that Katie recovers soon!

  3. You never mentioned whether your family celebrates halloween or not and i was curious about this as i know some churchs support it, some don't and then there is personal belief as well. I personally do celebrate halloween with my children and we go to only famly and friends houses for trick or treating. I tell them that although halloween has pagen roots that St. Patrick helped to mould it into a christian celebration and that as long as we are doing it with God in our hearts and the story of St Patrick that it is okay. If we are doing it just for candy or greed then we are not doing it in Gods name. How do you deal with Halloween having several children all trick or treating age, especially when they come home from school with all the "garbage" talk that the other kids say about these things? You have been such an encouragement with Dale and I am interested in your other areas of living in faith as well. I was also wondering if you would be able to update with a recent family photo of yall and Dale since his profile pic is probably about a year old now. It would be wonderful for us to have a visual of your family to pray over. Happy Weekend and God bless!