Saturday, November 19, 2011

Update Saturday afternoon 11/19

To let you know:  We received a report from the oldest sister of the young man who was injured during last night's game.  He both dislocated and broke his arm.  He dislocated his elbow (painful enough) and also broke the humerus above the elbow joint.  He may need surgery to ensure proper use of his hand.  This, however, was not the same arm he injured previously, nor do we know if asthma played any part in his treatment.  He is definitely out for the season!  Thank you for praying.  Kirsten


  1. Thank you for the update Kirsten, I will certainly add him to my prayer list. I always have room for one more, I get such a joy from praying. Hope he will be ready for next season. And thanks again for all the postings you leave for us, it's been a wild journey, but what an example of God's power and wisdom. All my best to you and your family, Eric

  2. Praying for his healing to be as painfree as possible! I hope that he can see that this happened for a reason, likely to protect him from something worse later on. Maybe his season is over but God has plans for him and needs him doing something else. Please continue to give us updates on him as you recieve them (if he doesnt mind) so that we all know what exactly to pray for!