Friday, December 2, 2016

Time is not our friend.

Where in the world has the time gone?  I beginning to realize that, once we reach a certain age, time speeds up so that each year races past faster than the previous one.  Doesn't it feel like we just made our New Year's resolutions and then decorated for Valentine's Day?  Wasn't Fourth of July, like, last week with all the brilliant fireworks accompanied by a large stomachache from overeating hot dogs and baked beans?  It seriously feels like I'm finally settling in to this new school year....and now we're twenty-three days away from Christmas???  If anybody out there is debating whether or not a time machine is really that good an idea, I say, "YES! PLEASE invent one!  Quick!!!" :-)

To be completely honest, I feel like time has not only sped up but is slipping away from me.  My children are no longer babies; my husband has more gray hair than when I married him (he grayed early); even my dog is starting to show signs of age.  I, of course, am as fresh as a  I've seen so many changes, both good and bad, over this past year that it's both precious and painful to recall the months past.  The very fact that time rushes by and brings with it change is one reason I am so glad that God is constant.  He never changes:  I never have to wonder what kind of mood He's in or whether He'll be too busy to listen when I need to talk---like I am with my family sometimes.  He always is, an attribute I've come to appreciate more since I started teaching high school English.  God calls Himself "I Am"; this is stated in present tense, the here-and-now.  God always is because His condition never changes; He never ages; He is the same now as He was when He walked in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve.  He will continue to be the same for eternity.  This brings such comfort to me, one who doesn't enjoy change or uncertainty.  I can rest in His Word and believe Him because He is constant; I can trust Him because He will never be any different.  Ever.  What an indescribably beautiful truth!  I'm almost in tears just thinking about this.  Thank You, Lord, for being You.

An update about Senior Trip:  Bro. Goltiao, the class sponsor, and the seniors have cooked up a wonderful idea for us!  They decided that they wanted either my husband or me to go on Senior Trip with Dale.  This would solve a couple of issues:  who would be in the hotel room with Dale to assist him with everyday life and who would be the one to sit out of the too-crazy rides with him.  A few different ideas were batted around as to how to pay for Chad or me to go on the trip, and then Bro. Goltiao had the idea.  He talked to Preacher, then talked to the seniors, then talked to Preacher again.  Final decision:  Chad's ticket is fully paid for through Preacher's generosity, and the seniors are raising extra money to pay my way too!!!  Isn't that amazing?  I almost hugged Bro. Goltiao when he told me!  Ha!  So we are all working hard with every fundraiser that comes along to raise the extra money needed.  Dale is able to help out, and Chad, Katie, and I have all been steadily involved in helping make this dream come true.  We're so blessed by Preacher's and the seniors' love and generosity....and we're going to Disneyworld!!!

Do you remember I mentioned back in September that come Christmas I would need to scour those papers given to me at the neurologist's office concerning Dale' future as an adult?  Well, that time is almost upon me, and I'm starting to get uncomfortable flutters in my stomach whenever I think about it.  I realize time marches on (see top of post!), but I kind of wish things would simply stay this way forever so I would never have to think about possible futures.  I'm asking for a little extra prayer---I realize y'all have been praying for our family since August 5, 2011, and possibly before---but I truly need God's wisdom as I approach the reading of those all-important documents that will give us a glimpse into possibilities for Dale.  He will officially become an adult on January 6, 2017 (his birthday), and momentous choices must be made shortly thereafter.  So, please pray with us that God's voice will be heard and we humans will be listening.

Let's all make the special effort to bring God's cheer and God's light to those around us this wonderful time of year.  We Christians are God's presence to the world, so let's be sure we represent Him well.

Matthew 5: 16  "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

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  1. God will provide the answers you need. He didn't save Dale for no reason.