Monday, September 16, 2013

Busy, busy, busy!

Isn't that how life always is?  Too busy to even think sometimes, it seems.  We're on this crazy merry-go-round of school and church and teen activities and choir and nursery and bus visitation and upcoming sports events..........AAAAARRRGGHH!!!   No wonder that, when we get a day off, we tend to sit around and do absolutely NOTHING!  Drives Chad nuts, unfortunately.

Amanda seems to be doing well at college.  She calls me nearly every day whenever she has time between classes, homework, and her new job at Chik-Fil-A.  She loves that job so much already!  This is a good thing since she needs all the hours she has been working in order to pay her own school bill.  Some of her classes/teachers she likes; some she is less fond of.  }:-(  Oh, well---you can't get everything you wish for.  Lots of church folks have been asking about her and wishing her well.  Her family misses her incredibly much (still can't think too much about it or we cry!).

The kids have taken just enough quizzes and/or tests to be encouraged/depressed about their grades so far.  And, of course, no matter how much time we spend at school, it never fails that, as soon as we pull into the driveway, someone remembers some vital book that they forgot in their locker.  I've already decided my response for this year:  "Call someone to get the notes or try to get it done first thing tomorrow morning at school."  This may sound callous, but it sure saves gas money!

Dale has has a hard time physically adjusting to the school schedule.  That's the only way I can explain his constant falling of late.  He falls at least once a day, usually with his legs jerking or giving out on him.  Yesterday Dale fell in the bathroom face-first, reddening the area around one eye and causing his nose to swell.  Chad and I were a bit alarmed because Dale's nose seemed slightly off-center.  I have no idea how long it's been like that.......maybe even since birth!  Either that or he broke his nose at some point and it healed slightly crooked.  We decided not to make a big fuss about it either way.  He is what he is.  ;-)  Please do pray for Dale, though, about his falling.  He is walking just about the same as usual, just his limbs jerk sometimes and cause him to be unsteady.  That, and the dog gets in the way and trips Dale up!  One of these days Peanut is going to get kicked and not necessarily by accident.  You'd think she would learn.

Chad is already looking forward to some time off next month to go hunting.  He's been calling his cousins to see who all is going and planning what he needs to pack.  This is his time each fall to get away from work and stress and noisy family and just enjoy himself.  He's not bagged a deer yet, but he says the ratio this year is really good.  Maybe he'll bring back some venison for us to enjoy.  Happy hunting!

It's that time of year again.......time to stock up on candy corn and especially candy pumpkins.  For some reason, I love those stupid candy pumpkins.  I mean, why?  They don't taste like pumpkin or anything.  Speaking of, I saw some pumpkin spice-flavored candy corn in the store the other day but I didn't have the courage to actually spend money to try it.  You never know with some of those flavors---they might be really good or they might be really horrible.  Like those Jelly Belly jelly beans that taste gross on purpose to prank people:  ear wax and vomit and dirt.  Who wants a jelly bean that tastes like that?!  Yuck!!  Then again, jelly beans aren't really supposed to taste like buttered popcorn either, are they?  To each his own.

I'm going to close this madly rambling post with an admittedly terrible joke:  Did you hear about the man who accidentally drank a can of varnish?  He died, of course, but he had a lovely finish.  (I tried using the word shellac, but my kids had no idea what that was!)

Proverbs 3: 5-6  "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy path."

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  1. Lol, I thought that I was the only one with a strange Halloween candy craving. I always loved candy corn, and when Target Store started selling candy corn Oreos, I was in heaven. And yes, the filling does taste like candy corn lol. As for the dirt flavored Jelly Beans, no thanks. However, if you can get the bacon flavored ones, try them 8). I always loved fall; with Fairs, fresh apples and cider, and jumping in leaf piles, it was a great time growing up.

    I'm always praying for Dale, it aches to read about his falling. But I know that God has his own time schedule for him, knowing that our Lord and Savior is watching out for him helps a lot. Dale will persevere, that I am sure of.

    As always, you and your family are in my prayers, thank you Kirsten for all that you have shared with us and continue to do so. All my best, Eric