Friday, July 12, 2013

Visiting Grandparents!

Our family is all excited and going crazy because we have my folks visiting from Ohio for just over a week.  Amanda and I picked them up from Sea-Tac Airport Monday evening and don't have to take them back until next Tuesday morning.  Fun-filled days have followed since; we have been to an antique store, Mt. Rainier, the outlet stores in Centralia, church (!), and are now planning a thrift store trip.  Ashley and Emily have enjoyed walking down to our neighborhood playground with Grandpa, and I have loved having my mom here.  I have no idea what is planned for Saturday, but there is already a Dragon Buffet lunch scheduled after church Sunday.  *sigh*  I love having my parents come visit!

I am notorious for getting lost super easily.  I have no sense of direction and must have detailed instructions in order to arrive anywhere without a complete breakdown.  Needless to say, MapQuest has become my closest companion on trips!  I made sure to look up directions to the airport and write them down carefully before Mandie and I left so I wouldn't get lost getting there or back.  Mandie brought along her laptop in case the airport cell phone parking lot had wifi, and we planned to stop at a McDonald's to get something to drink on the way.  In an effort to save gas, we didn't turn on the air conditioner, opting instead to roll down the windows and enjoy the breeze.  Not ten minutes down the road, Amanda leaned down the grab a new CD and momentarily took her hand off the directions lying on her lap.  You can guess what happened next!  Mandie yelped, snatched at the air helplessly, and then sat back, chagrined.  It all happened so fast that I didn't catch on for a few seconds.  By the time my brain figured out what just occurred, the directions were just a speck of paper tumbling in my rear view mirror.  Thankfully, McDonald's has wifi, so Mandie used her laptop to pull up the directions again so we could get to the airport on time!

Dale has been taking things in stride (pun intended) with our activities.  He's not been sticking to a strict sleep schedule which affects his stamina and balance.  Plus, he's not familiar with these places we've been going so he's hesitant to sally forth and conquer.  I mean, at home he walks pretty well; at church and school, he's getting better.  Even in Wal-Mart, Dale will eventually relax and walk somewhat normally.  But take him to a new place and he automatically thinks there will be problems---which make him slow down, over think his actions, and shake a great deal more.  Still, he's enjoyed each place we've been, doing what he can and not fretting over what he can't.........which is more than I can say about myself!  We continue to pray for God's full healing and for Dale to listen when we give helpful hints.

I'll close now; we've got a lot to do!  Enjoy your weekend!

Psalm 23: 4  "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me."

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  1. Hi

    Just saw the video on YouTube talking about Dale and his amazing recovery from being submerged under water for 20 mins. The video showed him learning to speak once again. How is he progressing? Thank you.