Saturday, March 30, 2013

Celebrate Easter---celebrate Christ's resurrection.

It's so easy nowadays to lose sight of the true meaning of Easter Sunday.  When I was growing up, my mom always had a nice Easter basket filled with goodies for us kids to enjoy; Chad and I always get some yummy chocolates and less yummy Peeps for our children.  Our family plans to spend part of today dyeing eggs, and tomorrow we'll join our church in our annual Easter Egg Dash held after the morning service.  All of these things are fun and traditional, but they do not reflect the reason why we as Christians celebrate Easter Sunday.  Jesus rose from the grave---that's why we rejoice on this day.  If Jesus had been born, lived, and died, we would still be on our way to hell.  He had to rise to prove He had power over death; He had to live again to truly conquer death for all who believe.

Can you imagine that morning when the angel rolled back the stone?  Can you imagine the initial disbelief of His friends and disciples when they were told the tomb was empty?  This was the Son of God Who had already foretold the events that would take place, and yet, when told of His resurrection, His disciples didn't believe at first.  Can you picture the looks on their faces when Jesus showed up in the room that night, proving that He had indeed risen from the dead?  I wonder, if I had been present during that time, what would my reaction have been?  Would I have believed what Jesus had said?  I wonder if I would have, like the disciples, been in such shock that God's Son could actually die that I would have forgotten His words that He would rise again in three days.  Surely Jesus expected them to be waiting to for Him when He arose, but they were still so stunned by His awful, tragic death that they lost faith.  I'd like to think that I would have held on to His words and been ready the third day to welcome His triumphant resurrection, but I know me.  My faith is not strong at times, either.  I'm glad I get to look back on that day and rejoice, not live through those days.  I'm so thankful that Jesus rose again from the dead, that He didn't just die but lives again.  We serve a risen Saviour, not a dead God.  Thank You, Father, for creating this master plan to save us from our sins.  Thank You, Jesus, for being willing to die such an awful death to save us from an awful eternity.  What a reason to celebrate!

Our kids (and I) are rejoicing extra today because we have a week off school next week!  This is our official Spring Break, and it looks like we might actually have some really nice weather this time.  Amanda already has a job for the week, and I'm sure Katie and Ashley will find some work as well.  Dale, Emily, and I plan to laze around and act like we have earned the right to do so!  I'm sure we'll do some spring cleaning---the girls' closets definitely could use it---but mostly we'll just be lazy.  :-)

Chad has settled into his new schedule pretty well.  It's so nice for him to know what each week will bring, rather than having to call in each day just to find out what the next day's schedule will be.  God has certainly blessed us with regards to Chad's work and our finances.  We have what we need but not more.  You know, I'm glad we've never been "rolling in the dough" because I don't think I could handle having tons of money.  I am well aware that I don't trust God to supply my needs as much when I've just cashed my paycheck as when I'm waiting for it.  God's plan for my life is perfect; He knows what is best for me!

Happy Easter, everyone!  Don't eat too much candy or ham!

Matthew 28: 5-6  "And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye:  for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified.  He is not here:  for He is risen, as He said.  Come, see the place where the Lord lay."


  1. Happy Easter to you all!!! I am with you, if I were to win a lottery, I don't know what I would do with all that money! I just ask for "my daily bread" and I am happy! Happy Resurrection Day to all at the Ostranders!

  2. Happy Easter Kirsten, and yes, Christ has risen! As much as I loved the candy and Easter eggs as a boy, I am so glad that I can appreciate what this holiday truly means to us as Christians. This is a day of rejoicing, of cleansing, Christ has taken our sins through his death and resurrection. I was so happy when we had our children's moment during service today. Our Pastor asked all of the young ones, what Easter meant to them. Although a few of the 3 and 4 year olds said the Easter bunny, etc, most of the kids who answered said Christ died for us, and that's what we celebrate today. Out of the mouths of babes.
    I hope the day was a time of joy for your family as well, and yes, the ham was great lol. I pray that at this time of renewal, we all grow even more in our faith, and that we can share this joy to as many as we can. Paying back God for our salvation is impossible, nothing could ever equal what he has done for us. But, by paying his love forward to those who have yet to embrace his love and his gift to us, we can help to spread his love to all four corners of the earth. Wouldn't that be wonderful? As always, you aand your family are always in my prayers, thank you so much for what you have shared with us. all my best, Eric