Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday morning 12/16/12

Our hearts go out to the families of those who died Friday in Connecticut.  I learned about the tragedy mid-morning while at school, teaching.  I stopped my class in the middle of their math test, and we prayed for those who are left hurting after the violence.  I cannot imagine the pain a mother or father must feel, losing their little child so close to Christmas, or of the families left behind when their teacher, mother, or father dies, especially under such terrible circumstances.  May God continue to comfort their hearts now and throughout the holidays and, indeed, the rest of their lives.

This comes on the heels of the mall shooting in Portland, OR, much closer to home.  One of my close teacher friends has a friend who was in the mall that day, wrapping presents just outside of Macy's for a church fundraiser.  This lady and the people with her had to hide under the table skirting with the shooter walking around within 12 feet of them.  They could hear the shells pinging off the floor as he fired each bullet.  God kept the shooter from discovering where they were hiding, and, once he left the area, they were able to race to safety.

This country needs God.  Period.  Sin has so corrupted this world and the inhabitants therein that tragedy and violence happens every day somewhere.  People need the Lord; they need Him to cleanse their lives of sin, not just so they can go to Heaven someday but so that they stop hurting people here on Earth.  The only cure for sin in Jesus.  It's obviously not church or money or welfare or gun control. It's not politics or environmental protection or national days of prayer or even Christmas.  It's Jesus.  Please don't be shy in telling folks about Him.  Don't assume that they "know" you're a Christian and will want to be saved because of that.  Tell them about a Saviour Who came as a baby, yes, but then grew to be a man and lived a holy life and died to save us from our sins.  And then didn't stay dead!  He arose from the grave to ensure life everlasting for all who wish it.  Tell everyone about a loving God Who made a way that we might be saved.  That is the only way to ease the chokehold Satan and sin has on the human race.

And now, about Dale.........

Dale has had a very shaky week.  It seems like he's fallen every morning during his get-ready time, and I think he's fallen at school just about every day as well.  So he now sports new scrapes and bruises in various locations about his body.  Poor guy!  He just sits there shaking until his limbs settle down, and then he gets up and tries again.  The fear of falling doesn't keep him from trying to walk like it used to, but it does make him more cautious!!!  He tends to jut his head forward like a turtle and bend his knees slightly as if preparing to fall at any moment.  While I understand the thought behind these actions, his stance does not help his confidence or his balance!  We've spent the last week arguing pros and cons of posture, and, to be honest, I don't think I won.  :-)  But Dale is still Dale, still making jokes and being goofy and annoying his sisters.  Thank God for that........I think!

Our God definitely answers prayers.  He loves to answer big ones, and He loves to answer small prayers that nobody even knows you're praying about.  On Wednesday, I began feeling strange.  On Thursday, the feeling intensified; by Thursday night, it was apparent that I had developed a UTI.  For those of you who have experienced this, all the ordinary symptoms were present, making me very uncomfortable.  I began drinking cranberry juice straight (which I happen to like) and praying and praying and PRAYING!  All day Friday, no change.  I kept telling God, "You know we have no insurance until mid-February, and we can't afford any doctor bills.  You know this.  Please take this away; just heal it outright.  But (like the three Hebrew children) if You don't, I trust Your judgment and Your decision."  Friday night when I went to bed, no change.  Saturday morning when I woke up.........there was nothing wrong!!!  The burning, the pressure, the uncomfortable feeling---all gone!!!  God answered my prayer with a definite "YES!"  Thank You, Lord, for Your healing and for listening to my prayers.  You are WONDERFUL!

School gets out this week for us.  Two weeks off for Christmas holidays---yea!!!  I still have some stocking stuffer shopping to do, and I need to get one present for Chad---other than that, I think we're done!  I hope none of you waited until the last minute to get gifts because it's a madhouse out there.  If you did, well, you have my sympathy!  Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

John 3:16  "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

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