Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday, 11/15/12

We have been so blessed this week to have revival services at our church.  Evangelist Paul Schwanke comes each year to preach God's Word, and we invite our neighboring churches to come hear him .  This man of God has been preaching straight from the Bible for almost 30 years now and even has had opportunities to spread the gospel in foreign countries as well.  Each time he visits, we find ourselves stirred to serve God whole-heartedly, love God unreservedly, and win souls unashamedly.  Thanks be to God and our pastor for inviting this preacher to spend time with our church each year.

Bro. Schwanke usually teaches the main Sunday school lesson, preaches Sunday morning and Sunday night, then continues on through Monday night and Tuesday night, finishing up on Wednesday night.  What a lot of solid Bible instruction and reproof and exhortation all packed into four days!  Our school had a day off this year (Monday---Veterans Day), and we always start school one hour late on Tuesday and Wednesday while Bro. Schwanke is here (just to give us a break!), so we didn't feel quite so busy this year compared to most.  By Thursday night, however, we are always ready to just STAY HOME!  :-)  Tonight will be a different story, though.

Our sports season is upon us!  We have JV and V volleyball and JV and V basketball teams.  Our first home game is tomorrow, but tonight we are letting two other teams borrow our gym to play each other.  This means we get to sell concessions to the hungry crowds!  And, since Amanda is a senior this year (and the concessions money goes toward the senior trip), we get to be involved.  Tonight's food items will be simple:  hot dogs, nachos, pizza, drinks, baked goods.  Each senior who helps out (works the stand) will receive a portion of the profit.  Tomorrow night, however, it will be Amanda and her friend Jocelyn's turn to provide the featured meal and all extra yummies.  Jocelyn's mom is making tamales and churros; we're bringing the refried beans and hot dogs; and someone is donating Spanish rice.  Other folks are helping us with more food donations, serving time, and morale support.  Amanda and Jocelyn are hoping to earn lots of money toward their senior trip; we moms are just hoping to make it out with our sanity intact!  Please pray for the success of this important event.........oh, and pray for our teams to win!!!

Dale is doing absolutely great!!!  Physically, I mean---I have no idea how his grades look........and I mean that!  I've been so busy with Christian Ladies' Seminar and home game concessions and revival meetings, I haven't paid much attention to Dale's study habits.  The good news is that all the teachers have been busy too and so tend to take it easy on their students.  ;-)  Dale's confidence in his walking ability seems to grow with each passing day.  He walks for longer lengths of time without pausing to rest; he doesn't fall as often, usually because he catches himself first; he doesn't doubt his ability to walk somewhere on his own.  He walks outside and down the ramp at school without waiting for someone to be with him.  He walked Monday night right out of the auditorium after the service and was nearly at the back door of the church before anyone caught up with him.  (He was ready to go home!)  Praise the Lord for this continued sign of His miracle in Dale.  Even just two months ago, Dale still expected someone to hold his hand everywhere, and now he is walking GREAT!  We give God all the praise and all the glory for His marvelous hand on our son.

Thank you, Mort and Jessie Kemplin, for your Thanksgiving card.  We appreciate your prayers and thoughts toward us.

Thank you, Ron and Judy Bishop, for the "care package" you recently sent us.  Our kids especially loved opening the box and finding all the treasures you sent us.  Our prayers are with you both as you each grieve the loss of a parent.  God bless you.

Please tell God you love Him today.  We as parents treasure each "I love you" from our children; so much more so does our Heavenly Father.  He is a great and wondrous God Who deserves our love, praise, and adoration.

II Corinthians 1:  21 - 22  "Now He which stablisheth us with you in Christ, and hath anointed us, is God;  Who hath also sealed us, and given the earnest of the Spirit in our hearts."

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  1. Kirsten I loved this post, what a wonderful way to end the work week. We just had a three day revival at our church, I imagine you are as charged as I am after 3 days of rejoicing. And you had 4 days, I would have been walking on air. And reading another positive report on Dale never fails to raise my spirits even higher. God truly is great! Thank you as always for this blog, I feel that it is becoming your own little Ministry. You and your family are always in my prayers, all my best. Eric