Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday evening 9/29

Just a quick post.........seriously this time!  :-D

School has kept us busy this week, for the most part.  Emily was down over the weekend with a nasty cold.  This kept her home from Friday night until Tuesday morning.  She missed school Monday, and, since she cannot stay home by herself (can you imagine a six-year old at home alone?!), someone needed to stay with her.  Amanda volunteered, as the headache that had sent her to bed early after Sunday night church was lingering Monday morning.  Then, Katie got sick.  She had felt unwell Sunday night as well, but I had hoped that a good night's rest would cure her ills.  She made a valiant effort to get ready for school Monday morning, but three minutes before we were to walk out the door, she had to make a run for the bathroom.  And it wasn't to throw up.  >:-[  So, Katie, Amanda, and Emily all stayed home Monday from school.  Ashley came with me, though fighting a stomach ailment as well, but only made it half a day before checking out of school early and spending the rest of the day in my classroom resting.

Thankfully, by Tuesday morning, all of my girls except Katie were well and able to accompany Dale and I to school.  Emily, it seemed, shared her cold with her older sister Katie, who was then down for the rest of the week!  Katie's sinuses became swollen and clogged, making it difficult to breathe and making her downright miserable.  She actually came to school Wednesday morning but had to go home early because she was sick, tired, and weak.  Thursday night, we began steam treatments with her and put a humidifier in her room overnight to try to help open up her nasal passages.  I also had her start taking ibuprofen, an expectorant, and a nasal spray to relieve her symptoms.  She could tell a difference Friday morning but was still unable to stand for long before becoming dizzy.  I made the decision to keep her home from school one more day to allow her to fully recover before going back to school next Monday.  Katie is still suffering somewhat but is definitely on the road to recovery.

The school office handed out mid-quarter grades this week.  My kids are doing pretty well overall, but Dale is struggling in a couple of subjects---history and science.  He sits in class, does his homework (usually!), and answers questions, but does not seem to be retaining any learning.  It's as if the homework questions he answers are just words to him, not a lesson to be learned and remembered.  Plus, he spends so much time doing homework that he has no time left in which to actually study for upcoming tests and quizzes.  So he's not getting the material, and he's not performing well on his tests.  Chad and I have talked repeatedly about this, and we agree that his homework time needs to be limited while his study time needs to increase.  Part of this is Dale's responsibility; his teachers and parents and even classmates are all working so hard to make his eighth grade year successful, but Dale himself doesn't seem to be making any effort.  It's kind of like........he thinks he gets a free pass just for showing up.  Chad and I had a talk with Dale this afternoon about taking charge of his time and studying for his tests and quizzes, and he seemed to understand where he needs to improve.  I don't want to take him out of the classroom and just tutor him or have him do PACES, but neither do I want him to fail eighth grade!  Or the rest of high school!  Please pray with us as we once again tweak Dale's education plan to help him do his very best.

I find myself getting upset with Dale frequently when he talks slowly or takes forever doing his work.  I realized today that I am not actually upset with Dale, although he bears the brunt of my attitude.  I am upset with God, as if God didn't have the right to change my plan for my son's life without my permission.  I chided myself for this foolish thinking, reminding myself that God knows what is best.  His new plan for Dale is not a worse choice than before; Dale does not now have to endure God's second best plan.  He will be exactly who God wants him to be, no matter my attitude.  I'd best get on board with God's plan; otherwise I'll make myself and everyone around me miserable because of my discontent.  And the amazing thing is---God already knows the reason for my grumpy spirit and has forgiveness waiting for me as soon as I ask for it.  Lord, please forgive me for not accepting Your will for me and my family, for thinking You are being unfair to me or my son.  Thank you for Your goodness and love, even when I am unlovely.  I trust You, Father.

Praise the Lord for His continual goodness to our family.  He is most wonderful and loving toward us at all times, and we are thankful for His presence in our lives.  God be with each of you always.

Joshua 6: 20  "So the people shouted when the priests blew with the trumpets:  and it came to pass, when the people heard the sound of the trumpet, and the people shouted with a great shout, that the wall fell down flat, so that the people went up into the city, every man straight before him, and they took the city."

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  1. Kirsten, you are to be commended for everything that you've been doing in handling this whole aspect of Dale's life. Even putting aside his recovery, he is still entering the adolescence years, with all the emotional and physical changes that come with them. Put the two situations together and this is uncharted territory. I couldn't even pretend to understand your own emotions in how to handle this, but I do know entrusting my life to God's will. And asking his forgiveness and understanding when my patience isn't enough to handle the life he has chosen for me. So you have proven something with this post, that you are one of his greatest creations. A human being. God is so great, and I rejoice daily. As always, you and your family are in my prayers, all my best to you all, Eric