Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Update Tuesday morning 4/10

Happy Easter, everyone!  Or, as my pastor put it, Happy Resurrection Day!  Thank God we have a risen Saviour, not just a dead one.  The term "gospel" refers to the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.  Without Christ's death on the cross, our sin penalty would not be paid.  Without His blood being spilled, there would be no remission of our sins.  Without His burial, there could be no proof of His resurrection.  Without His being buried in a new tomb, there would be no proof that He was the One Who came out alive.  Without Jesus' resurrection, He would have no victory over death, thereby condemning us to an eternity without God.  Thanks be to the Father for creating a plan to save mankind, for being willing to use His Son as the ultimate sacrifice, for allowing Him to die, for raising Jesus from the grave, for giving us the opportunity to spend a lifetime serving Him here before spending an eternity with Him in Heaven.  What an incredible gift we are offered:  to become a child of God, to bear His name here below while serving Him and laying up treasures above, to have His guidance and help always, to receive His loving and just discipline when we err to bring us back into the fold, to know we will see Him face to face some day.  Praise God---He arose!

Our family receives "happys" frequently from folks we know and some we don't.  "Happys" are what our school secretary calls nice things done for you, i.e. getting candy or flowers, seeing a rainbow, finding the perfect pair of shoes on sale.  Sunday, Dale got one.  He couldn't participate in the teen egg hunt (activity on Friday) because of scheduling conflicts, and there was no way he could participate in the one for teens Sunday after church due to his unsteadiness on his feet.  He took this all in stride (pardon the pun) but declined trying to walk out to the field to see the younger kids' egg hunt, stating that "It would be torture" watching them run around gathering candy-filled eggs and knowing he probably wouldn't get any of it.  So he sat in the van with Dad while Emily and Ashley gathered their eggs.  Bro. Monnin, one of main coordinators of the kids' egg hunt, asked me if Dale would like some Easter eggs since he couldn't go hunt any for himself.  I responded gratefully, "Yes!"  He got a little busy then, but, at church Sunday night, he handed Dale a bag with about twenty Easter eggs inside.  You should have seen Dale's face when he reached for that bag!  We had to almost forcefully prevent him from opening the eggs right there on the front pew!  Plus, Oma (Mrs. Helen Hernandez) gave each of my kids a chocolate Easter cross, so they all now have plenty of chocolate to give them plenty of cavities!!!

Monday morning at school, our family received a "happy."  Someone who apparently wishes to remain anonymous sent us some gorgeous deep purple and bright yellow tulips addressed to me here at the school.  I was quite surprised when Mrs. Monnin brought in the green ProFlowers box and said it was addressed to me.  I knew my husband hadn't sent them; not that he doesn't love me, but he wouldn't spend money on flowers when there are bills that demand payment!  She stood by while I opened the box and removed the card.  It simply stated, "Wanted your family to know that you are often thought of and prayed for.  Have a nice Easter Weekend.  Tell Dale to keep up the good work!!"  There was a beautiful spring green vase included along with a small box of delectable chocolates.  I was good; I thought about keeping the chocolates for myself but shared instead with the family.  :-)  If the person who sent us this special surprise is reading this blog, please know you have made our day!!!  Thank you so very much for this wonderful "happy"; the flowers brighten our lives and our spirits and your encouraging words brighten our souls.  May you receive manifold blessings in return!

We had no therapy yesterday; our main therapist is off this week, and our second therapist, Tracy, only had an opening on Tuesday this week.  So we will attend PT Tuesday and SP Friday.  We will have good news to report at PT today:  Dale has been walking foot-over-foot upstairs regularly with no problem.  He stumbles occasionally but catches himself very well.  AND Dale has been walking down the last steps at home going foot-over-foot!  He's still learning how to balance himself while stepping down (he tends to lean too far backwards, thus causing himself to fall backwards onto the stair behind), and he forgets to slide his hand down the rail sometimes---but he's doing it!  We are so excited at this next step of progress (again, pardon the pun).  Pretty soon, he'll be walking up the stairs with absolutely no difficulty; it will take some time still before he's going down as easily.  Having seen this progression of activity before with walking at all, with doing stairs at all, with sitting down, with brushing his teeth.......we can tell that someday in the not too distant future Dale will be walking better on his own and becoming more independent.

Speaking of---yesterday morning when Mrs. Monnin (school secretary) came in to deliver the flowers, she mentioned that she had teased Bro. Goltiao about helping Dale walk.  I panicked!  I said, "Where are they going?"  She said, "Outside; it's such a beautiful day."  Bro. Goltiao had decided to take his history class outside for the period.  I had to make a deliberate choice to remain in my seat and not go find them and make sure Dale was all right.  He needs these moments of independence from me; he needs to know that he will be safe with other people's assistance and that he doesn't have to have me near in order for things to be okay.  I waited the class period out (happily distracting myself by putting the vibrant blooms in water), but I was still relieved when my door opened to admit Dale and Bro. Goltiao once history was done.  After getting Dale settled at his seat with math work, I went to the history room to retrieve Dale's books.  Bro. Goltiao met me halfway and handed them to me, giving me a chance to thank him for assisting Dale while walking and for giving Dale this much-needed breath of independence.  It's good for Dale to (I hate to keep using the phrase) get back to normal, to feel like life will not always be shaky and uncertain, especially as summer approaches.  It is my intent (you know what they say about good intentions :-<) to get Dale out-of-doors as much as possible this summer in the effort to (1) build stronger muscles, (2) get him excited about regaining stability and increased motor skills, and (3) just enjoy being alive......literally!

I stood looking down at my son this morning when I went in to wake him up for school.  I couldn't help but be thankful to our omnipotent God that I still have a son to rouse each morning.  Thank You so much, Lord, for Your bountiful blessings and mercies You bestow each day.  I have a kind, loving, godly husband; I have four beautiful daughters who strive to please You; I have a son who should be dead, yet lives; I have a wonderful, giving church family; I have the privilege of working in our Christian school; I have a home in Heaven; I have You.  I am content---for today!---with the life You have given me.  Thank You, dear Lord.

Mark 14: 61 - 62  "But He held His peace, and answered nothing.  Again the high priest asked Him, and said unto Him, Art Thou the Christ, the Son of the Blessed?  And Jesus said, I am:  and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven."

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  1. I haven't cried for awhile because of one of your posts but right now i am sobbing my fool head off! Thank you for giving us so many updates! It is wonderful to know not only dale but your entire family through what i consider to be a Ministry that the Lord chose for you all. In so many ways families have come together, not just to follow your story but to appreciate what we have and dont have and to trust in God's perfect timing! Praise God for whomever sent you the flowers! What a beautiful gesture and the perfect time to remind us all of new life! God bless each of you!